Steam games messed up

TF2,Garrys Mod,HL2(Original,EP1,EP2,LostCoast and Deathmatch) And even Alien Swarm have messed up textures such as…
White Text,Green,Blue.
TOTAL BLACK,White Text Everywhere -FIXXED-
Light Yellow,Light Pink,Light Orange (Eye rape version of Yellow pink n’ orange)
And the original Checkerboard of Death (Pink/Purple in Black looking like Checkerboards)

(Sorry i cannot show pictures because screenshot isnt working and in Garrys mod the Camera tool will only show black.)
Please help with this! Its been doing this ever since i got Garrys mod…

EDIT I forgot to say, Garrys mod was my first EVER game on Steam, And TF2. I got the Gmod + TF2 Pack.

Have you tried verifying the game files integrity?

Could you fix the link to your Steam Profile?

We need more information to be able to help you, pictures would make it much easier, but you said it doesn’t work.

All you will see is black, And i got another glitch. The text doesnt seem to be appearing.

When im loading up, 95% Done loading to be exact, ALL text disappears.

And its pretty tough to describe even more. But the pattern of the eye-raping textures are in checkerboard-types.

EDIT Fixxed the black error and text not appearing.

Argh, I forgot to add one game to the list… Post Apocalyptic Mayhem, It loads but i get a Microsoft Error and it closes the game off.

Something like this happened to me, was because i overclocked my Graphic card, if you have the graphic card overclocked, go back to default clock.

Well, Honestly. I may know alot about computers, But not about clocked graphic cards at all.

Your graphics card might be overheating. Post your temps while running one of those games.

Uhm, I have no idea what you mean.

okay run dxdiag
Win7/vista start>dxdiag then hit enter and hit yes, and grab those specs, check in display
XP = Start>Run>dxdiag then hit yes, and grab those specs, check in display

What’s the bet it’s a gma? :zoid:

Which stats do you need? Drivers or Device?

you dont need drivers, or device, just goto Run, and type in dxdiag.exe