Steam getting DDOSed

Just so you guys know, steam servers are getting DDOSed, meaning direct denial of service. Basically lagging the shit out of steam. This renders the workshop mounting of Addons to your server useless. There is nothing you can really do for the time being, just wait it out.

constant DDOS for almost a week?

So by DDOS, you mean the one where Steam’s servers are overloaded? (Sorry, I don’t know stuff bout DDOS. Just looked it up on google)


Distributed Denial of Service

No, it’s DDoS + the workshop limit.

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DDos Probably because of the limit too.

Valve should probably scan through the items in the Workshop. They should remove the dupes that contain ragdoll sex poses made by kids.

might be bots trying to add steam servers to their net. Oddly enough most of the computers in the world are attack by them…

who the fuck is DDoSing steam… Its fucking useless. it will only get all their accs/ips banned lel