Steam Group authentication questions

Hiya! Since FurryFinder apparently doesn’t really work anymore, How can i check to see if a player is part of a specific steam group?

Furryfinder has been working fine for me. I’m using Pythons linux build though…

Windows build: Download
Linux build: Download

Do i need to set it up as gmsv_furryfinder_win32?
Does this go in lua/bin like most others?

Sorry, just general questions. i tried taking the most recent from the official thread - but it seems like Gmod wont mount/see it.

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Also, Would you know how to find a 64 bit group id?

The official thread is probably outdated.

And yeah, it should be named “gmsv_furryfinder_win32.dll”

Alright, Got the module working. Would you say that the example on the official thread is still valid?

Yeah, I just recompiled furryfinder to work with gmod13. It should work exactly the same.

Also, the easiest way I know of finding the 64 bit group ID is by viewing the group page source and searching for “Clan_”

It will look like “Clan_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_0” where the X’s = the clan id.

Excellent. Thank you!