Steam group auto add

Hi I’m trying to get some more people from my server in my steam group but with all the people on my server all the time its hard to keep track of regulars is there an addon that invites people to the steam group after X amount of time playing on the server ? thanks for any help

It’s impossible to send invites automatically with Steam functions, however, as an alternative, you can check the player’s playtime and either open a panel asking them if they want to join the group or not, or print a chat command with the group link.

Well, what you could do (and I’ve seen done) is have a steam account that acts as the group messenger, and have it send the invite after you check. It would involve more though and I’m not sure how it would be done, but it has been done.

Inviting them through a panel in-game that links to the profile would be easier and more practical than Nookyava’s suggestion. It’s a pretty simple addition if you already have a utility that tracks player time. I had that going on D3 and I’ve seen a number of other communities that do it that way as well.

There’s probably a way, but yeah tracking the time and sending an invite is probably your best bet.

If gui.OpenURL allowed you to use javascript: it would be more than possible.

If it was possible you would do it like so.


However you could then exploit steam’s ‘api’. Spam announcement, spam group, auto invites, etc.

Also facepunch is fucked up it’s auto adding bold bbc codes that I can’t remove because they don’t exist. Which is most likely due to a pattern matching error.

Actually I think that you should ask before do that, i wouldn’t like to be auto-joined to a group that i don’t give a shit

i don’t want it to make them join just send them an invite

Can you not fire javascript events using DHTML panels? I thought that was possible.

It would require user to manually log in to steam, wouldn’t it?

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And besides, you shouldn’t be able to automatically make someone join your group, no matter the intentions.

So would it be possible to force a client to join a steamgroup, which would eventually be triggered by a chatcommand such as !join ?
And could you then do a check to see whenever the user is in the steamgroup, so you could reward the client?

You shouldn’t do that. If you want people to join your group, open group page in the steam overlay with gui.OpenURL and tell them to press JOIN manually.

Alright, how about checking the if the user is in the group, is that possible?

well i have a website and MySQL on my server so it would be possable to make an account that then can have the server send something to the website then the website checks itself and logs into steam through itself and adds them to the group ? any ez’er way to do this ???

I’m a tad bit late but as stated the user isn’t automatically ‘logged in’. They have to login to steam if you use a derma html panel. The HTML panels will allow you to run javascript and before my posting I did have it working. Again the setback being they have to login.

concommand.Add(“steam”, function()
local Frame = vgui.Create(“DFrame”)
Frame:SetSize(800, 600)

local Panel = vgui.Create("HTML", Frame)
Panel:SetPos(1, 30)
Panel:SetSize(798, 570)
timer.Simple(3, function() Panel:RunJavascript("javascript:document.forms['join_group_form'].submit();") end)


Thanks but i found a addon that gives them points for jointing to group and has a command, it uses the steam community tab URL so that they are already logged in