Steam group

How would i go about creating a script that when people join a steam group they get money.
*Want it to popup when they join the server.
*Want it to keep poping up ever time they join the server till they join the group which will stop it from showing up ever again.
*Want it to give them $5000 darkrp cash as a reward for joining the group.
*and want it to look clean


Derma panel on player initial spawn that asks if they want to join the group then gui.openurl. Not sure about the cash though.

Use GXML to parse the steam group page and assign a boolean to the players who are a part of the group upon connection.

Yeah, that would work too.

You can also use this, would probably be easier.

I made something similar a while back, to grab user information you can query steam webapi as such:

local Returned = “”

function GroupGem( ply )
http.Fetch( “”…ply:SteamID64(),
function( body, len, headers, code )
Returned = util.JSONToTable(body)
function( error )
print(“Failed to get Steam Groups”)

Inside that JSON is a “groups” part which shows the ID of every group that person is in.

You could use either furryfinder (mentioned above), gsapi or gameserver modules serverside for it to work.