Steam has found a problem with your local game files

Posting for a friend, he isn’t getting his FP activation email :argh: :

i joined a server that was 81 players and when i joined my game crashed and now i cant play i get this errror

i google gmod virus and i found a thing that says to delete darkrp_house.txt but its not there and i also tried deleteing the lua folder and the garrysmod folder but the error still happens
if i click OK then i just get the error again

Hopefully someone can help, he’s really annoyed at not being able to play GMod. :crossarms:

Verify integrity of game files.

But it didn’t work. :crying:

Clean gmod and don’t join servers with that many people again. Right click on servers with high player counts and click “Server Info”. If there ARE 80 people in that list, it’s safe. Otherwise, it’s a bad server.

Already cleaned gmod, as stated in the OP

Local game files are the .gcf in the steamapps folder.

Hint1: Garry’s mod’s is garrysmod content.gcf
Hint2: Look at it?

I have this problem also! There is an option to delete the files but where would I get them back again?!