Steam In-Game browser not working?

Hey guys my steam in-game browser stopped working and it wont load up even when i have internet it says the http Proxy is offline or soemthing even though my internet is working and also PlayX on my server wont work either even when its enabled and everything is working fine it just pops up with a black screen and noone else can hear it or see it i even have the new adobe flash palyer thing so does anyone know how to fix my ingame browser and the PlayX player ive already tried reuploading to server and getting svn and updating that to so please help.


here look it pops up for steam

Unable to connect to server. Server may be offline or you may not connected to the internet.-102

it also says it cant display the webpage for google chrome FOR EVERY webpage

steam everything!

please help im using Firefox right now.

Is this in right section?

I have the same problem. Community/Browser doesn’t work in game or out.

It cause the ingame just fails most of the time, get an lua browser or something