Steam/Integrated Graphics Card Pains

… So this is a rant…

I couldnt play rust since the last update because I have an integrated graphics card on my MacBook. So I was like well at least it will work on steam. I enter my key and download it and FINALLY I get to click play and… “Missing Executable” FML. Anyone else having the same issue with macs? Anyone want to shed some light on how I could get this resolved?

ps I tried contacting steam support but I couldnt log in on the support page, I change my password and all. Im 100% I’m not mistyping… any help would be great.

pps I know macs suck for gaming…keep that 12 year old comment to yourself…


Mac version will be fixed this week.

Why do you try to play games on Macs in the first place?

The same reason you play games on Windows, Linux and other platforms - to enjoy it.

Use bootcamp windows. :slight_smile: