Steam Is Evan Worce


(User was banned for this post ("learn to spell" - postal))

Who is Evan

Do you even read the update logs, the game was just released onto steam. It’s going to have bugs. Plus to fix your problem play the game on the highest resolution you can preferably 1080p, than go ahead and make it full screen. Which means uncheck the windowed option. This fixed it for me.

I actually thought that this was going to be a thread about someone talking about Steam being owned by a guy called Evan Worce instead of Gaben

Lol this Evan guy sounds pretty cool, does he play rust?

Steam Is Gabe Newell

How can steam be a person?

So wait, I’m confused. Some guy named Steam is also known as Evan Worce? What is his real name and what should I be calling him by?

Sarcasm aside, the Steam version is not EVEN a little bit WORSE!!! It’s better in every way