Steam isn't finnishing the download of garrys mod

Garry’s Mod stops downloading FRESH install, at 1.8 GB.
This is my second time re-downloading it, on my new HDD, with the same problem. (so I could hopefully solve my Garry’s Mod crashing problem)
When I put it up to queue, it goes back to; ‘Not Queued’.
When I press play, a popup comes up, saying; “An error occurred while updating Garry’s Mod ()”
I searched up what I wrote in the title in this forum and the Garry’s Mod steam discussions forum. There was a support thing, that said; ‘Do Verify Integrity of Steam Cache’ which I did for both of the attempts of downloading the fresh install.

I would really like help, and I’m sorry if my post made me sound like a smart ass with the wording and such, I was making it so it wasn’t a mini novel. (This post is setup so when a post comes and my email client is open, I can reply when it comes. :slight_smile: )

Edit: It is now downloading~!