Steam Key's

I couldn’t help but notice that on it says that Steam key’s have already been given out on website… I am confused if the keys have been given out where is my key at? Should I not expect a Key? Or was this considered finished to soon? :pwn:

I have no idea whats going to happen.

Fairly certain Garry just meant that the system for giving out Steam keys on the site is in place and ready to go.

Well then here is a good question has anyone gotten a Steam key yet?? Other than Garry and the Dev’s…

i have not

I am pretty sure that even if there is 1000 threads created about the steam key, you aren’t going to get an answer til they are ready. I am sure they have it figured out and planned. When it is time, they will tell everyone where and how to get your steam key.

Yea i know…It was more of a quick question not something that needed a long winded explanation… Also there is only 1-2 threads i know of…

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Apparently giving out keys on the site has been completed already.

I’m so confondeled

I’m downloading right now on steam

Wait guys. are they releasing keys NOW? I’m confused :L

Probably not, I beleive there is always some which get “steam keys” Lucky chosen ones any how, to test the steam version of the game, I really don’t think you guys need to worry, Garry and all the others will announce all of this later this day or the following day:)

I didn’t get any keys… I paid for my alpha. Where is this “on site” where they are getting their keys?

Patience… clearly a virtue many of you don’t have. Someone, probably Garry, will post when the keys are out and the download is available. Most people claiming to be downloading it on steam at the moment are probably just trolls.

Screenshots of Garry replying to some people seem legit. Can someone post up the links to the websites or info they gathered the screenshots from ?

I never said the pictures posted don’t seem legit. Just that the information will be made public when they are ready. Asking repeatedly doesn’t speed up the process.

None of the screenshots that were posted show that the keys are out, just that they are coming soon and where to find them.

He was asking for the website where it was taken, well, im also interested.

The link you guys are looking for is in the first post. I don’t understand the confusion? The screenshot is clearly from trello.