Steam launch in a month or two?

From homepage:

Will we be able to buy it on Steam too?
Not yet. This will be a super secret version that no-one else can see. We’ll open it up for sale on Steam when we think it’s ready (estimating a month or two).

So, i guess then that being on sale on steam means a finished game in a month or two? barring expansions.

game is nowhere near that?

Steam Early Access.

No that means, after that, the game will just be some sort of beta. Wont be released for sure.

Garry said that it will be in steam in the next week or two.
Somewhere in an other thread.

I believe and how I read it was anyone with a alpha key will be able to use this super secret client?

I think with Steam Greenlight you can buy and support games that are not launched yet, so I guess it will be the same as buying the alpha key here but on Steam.

Amount of money being generated on auction page is incredible. Steam will likely boost is massively.

Nice one garry :slight_smile:

For those currently in Alpha.