Steam Lookup

I know most of you have already seen this thread multiple times but I just want to keep up the population of the page.
I also know theres many other services which do exactly the same thing as mine and I do think you might think that I’ve stolen this idea but it ain’t copyrighted and it’s publicly out there how to convert the steamid.

Please have a look and tell me if I can improve it in any way or if you want to donate, I’m 7 dollars short on getting a domain name and I’d really help if you can pitch in so I can buy one for this service.

Anyways just have a look, don’t be negative and I hope you like it.

Why would I use this if existing sites offer the same functionality?


Sorry but, what exactly is the point of this? It doesn’t seem to tell you anything all that useful.

Same reason why others will use your admin mod instead of others.

It looks ok, but i don’t see any use for it, great job on the website though!

Look, I made a round thing with a hole in the middle, and you can put it under a box. When it turns around, it can move things!
Oh my god, I’m going to call it a wheel!

This is what you did…

Why is this the third time you’ve made a thread about it?

Do you have a mental illness? Thats normally what a person with disabilities would say, I don’t understand how you think a functioning website is a round thing with a hole.

The wheel already exist. If I make a wheel, it’s not my invention. If you made a website, which is similar to all the other websites, you did the same as with the wheel. You call it your ‘invention’ (in this ‘story’ your creation), but it has already been done.

I pointed how this already out in the first thread and you lied to me about how your friends owns the other one. I like how this time everyone sees what you did.

I kinda like the layout.

Seth owns that one, stop being a retard and accept the fact I didn’t lie.