Steam overlay does not work anymore

After the update the steam overlay cannot been used and everyone i have spoke to as the same problem

as anyone else got the problem and do the devs know about it or is it a steam problem


Noticed this aswell last night and thought it was something i did so glad to hear its not just me having this problem.

Helk what have you done :why:

Yeah it’s not working on Windows. For Mac, the steam overlay is still there.

Doesn’t seem to be working for me either.

It was fine a week ago, then the latest batch of updates rolled out and it randomly stopped working.

I certainly hope the devs can fix this irritating little issue. :disappoint:

Works fine for me on Windows 10.

Doesnt work for me, too. Windows 10.

Still not working ,i have asked around and peeps on all OS systems are have problems with steam not working since the last rust update


win10 user here and steam overlay also not working for me after last update.

Hi, sorry about that.

This issue should be fixed now, please restart the game for changes to take effect. If after restart it still wouldn’t load for you, let us know, thanks!

Thank you all working again now for me cheers.

thx for the update it now works :goodjob:

Doesnt work for me too :frowning:

It works for me now. Thanks for fixing it EAC guy.