Steam Overlay Pops Up At the Wrong Time

I’ve been having this issue for a couple of days now- usually when I attempt to hit the spacebar or hit tab (usually one or the other) steam overlay pops up. Since you are jumping and pressing tab quite a bit, this is really pretty annoying. I’ve since had to disable my overlay and run with borderless gaming so I can still get a full screen. Problem is, I can’t access steam messages easily or use steam’s other features. I thought this might have just been me but I’ve talked to two other people who are having an identical problem as me and they are only having it in Rust. If there is a fix, that would be awesome!

I just keep mashing shift-tab, escape and spacebar until it goes away. I haven’t figured out any patterns as to why it starts or why it stops.

I dont think this is a Rust issue, I get this playing any game.

change your settings on steam, mine is ctrl+backspace to open the overlay.

Mine is shift-tab. I usually don’t have both those buttons depressed at once.

I have been getting this a fair bit lately - never used to happen before

Try looking at your inventory when you’re running…

This. Change your overlay to anything else that isn’t used as a key combination in a game you play. You’re problems are then solved.

Usually watch my surroundings when I am running.