Steam Release - First clash with hackers

People we know that they hack: [banned]

People we think they hack:

This is the live stream where we got our footage from: (To proof that it’s no fake)

It’s starting somewhere arround 5 hours. If you are to lazy to check it yourself in the livestream video just wait for the edited version.

The edited video will follow. Not going to be posted by me!

So Rust was released today on Steam and we wiped our server the day before. We started farming and got ourself a good start.
As soon as Rust got released the amount of players on the server went up from 33 to 68 at the end.

It just took a few hours and a group of 5 people started raiding a house next to our base.
They got already full Kevlar, M4, a lot of ammo and Medkits.

First we were like how is that possible but we didn’t think of that it is impossible.
Thomas was the crazy one who didn’t want to die and killed like 11+ people.
That was the point where we were asking ourself if they are hacking or if this Medkit exploit still is working.

A few minutes later one of our people was talking about having items in her inventar without picking them up.
She got full Kevlar, M4, Shotgun, over 1000 ammo each, Medkits,…

So we thought it was one of the admins but they said they didn’t do anything so we thought they hacked the rcon password.
There were currently 2 admins logged in with rcon but the owner checked the server console and noone gave anything so the rcon wasn’t hacked.

Suddenly one of us started yelling in teamspeak about Veseh teleporting right in front of him.
So we watched his live stream to see it (Because of delay). And we all saw it and got it on video.

That’s when we banned the first one and a while later Thomas started crying about us banning someone because they own us.
And after that he just said “I know Veseh for 7 years”, “He does not cheat”, “I’m the one with aimbot”,…

So that was the point where we banned Thomas.

After that we managed to kill the others and they left the server.
Exept for VynoM he stayd in there base after respawn. He killed 2 of us and one of us said that he saw him completely invisible exept for holding a shotgun.
(Invisible Gear). We don’t have this on video so it doesn’t count as proof.

That’s all we can say about that day.

Please try to protect the game against hackers. (I know it’s protected by VAC)
Or else the game will just die because it just ruined our evening.

Thank you for reading.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))