Steam server info showing wrong names

When you add a rust server to your favs, it also shows up in steam view/servers as well. You can usually right click the server & click server info to view who’s online playing, which I often found helpful to see who’s playing. Now, in rust itself, it shows players steam names. And it used to show steam names in server info in steam like I’ve mentioned above. However, for some reason it displays random names. A bit like rusts streaming mode which changes players names to random names to protect their identities. Now I know I don’t have this enabled so it can’t be that.

How anyone else got this problem? Its really annoying.

This is because servers now censor the playerlist by default. This prevents players being followed around and stream sniping from taking place

Ah, now you say that, I can see how it makes sense. As it also stops people looking to see if certain players are not online before they raid them. So yeah, its annoying because I like to know who’s on to see if there’s anyone new or not, but I guess its for the benefit of everyone really, so all in all, a good update.

Quick question, what’s the settings to un censor the server player list? I’ve googled & can’t find it to enable it.

server.censorplayerlist false