"Steam Servers are too busy, please try again later"

I have tried restarting steam and my computer twice, yet it comes up with the same message…

First the game updates itself, then tries to validate the game files. But then steam pops up with a message saying the steam servers are too busy. Counter Strike Source and Team Fotress 2 works just fine though. What should I do?


delete clientregistry.blob?

One minute, trying that.


No luck, same problem.

All the mac fags are flooding their servers trying to get portal.

Try changing your download region to somewhere as far away from California as possible.

Changed to Japan, then Vietnam… no luck.

True. Steam has changed it from everyone getting slow speeds, to “some gets and some don’t”

You’ll just have to wait till them macs are done downloading.

I’d say try again in half an hour, and if it still doesn’t work then reboot.

Damnit, it’s all macs fault. The fact that mac users get to use the service just doubled the ammount of gamers at this time, and giving a free game offer dosen’t help at all -.- DAMNIT vavle why didn’t you think of this when your planned or even beta tested the mac client…

They probably did. A free game does tend to cause traffic, especially the first on a new platform. Just have patience. It’s not the end of the world that you can’t run gmod right now.

Well I was boored a did a survey by copy pasting a test to everyone on my friends list, asking them to tell me a number between 1 and 100 000.

60 percent of the people responding said a number between 1-100, while everyone was responding me (also using MSN) your managed to pull my internet speed down by 1 MB/S, only three of your managed to say a number over 100 000 and one of your got the number I was thinking in my head which was 64.

That is what happens when I get boored, I can’t bother to play anything else since I am so excited about the upcoming gaming title Red Dead Redemption :frowning:

I am getting the EXACT same thing, hope mac free portal gets removed soon! D:

You have to keep pressing install to get it the first time i did it it said that then the second time it worked.

It’s only free till the 24th. Also, it’s free for PC, too.

I have been trying to start it up 30 times now Cubar, you were lucky :frowning:

I have portal already >.<. Plus I cant stand not having gmod for 11 days! And mac users,if you’re reading this, stop downloading and let pcs have peace D:>…pleasezorz?

Wow, were down at 1 000 000 gamers again, but the servers are STILL too busy? And my friends can start up gmod fine…

it means the servers are busy
try again later?

Then someone must really be trolling the servers, I understand that the servers are busy when there is 2 500 000 gamers online at peakhours, but when it’s down at 1 000 000 in the morning, damn.