"steam servers are too busy to handle your request"

whenever my friend tries to start gmod, a window pops up saying that it’s validating the game files. at about 60%, an error message pops up saying that the steam servers are too busy to handle your request. he just got gmod last night, and he has a mac. is there an advanced launch command to bypass the game files validation?

Not that I know of, but you should just wait until later to try to launch the game.

it happened last night too (over 12 hours ago)

I am having this with alot of my steam games lately.
Note that i am a windows user.
I got alot of my gcf’s from friends sow i could play some of my games.
(I reinstalled windows 7 and didn’t backup my games)

it took me 3 hours and god knows how many attempts to download one of my games, oh and I love your Avatar, need to start watching that again.