Steam Servers too Busy

Whenever i try to connect to Gmod, it starts to verify then says Steam Servers too Busy. It’s been about 4 hours now, but i can play CSS fine.
I deleted my whole gmod folder and tried to reinstall but it is stuck a download starting.

Delete clientregistry.blob

Works for me whenever I get this error

Just tried it, still not working. I also did everything on the support page.

Reinstall windows.

nah, did you fully restarted steam? or try to restart your PC

Is something huge going on with Steam? (i.e. TF2 update, that Christmas sale we had last year)

Try a different server.

Still no ):
Changed reigion from Los Angeles to San Diego, it still does the exact same thing: validating, then the error message.


Fuuuuckkk D:
Tried changing reigion to Philidelphia, Greece, UK, Dallas, and alot more, still no.