Steam ServiceServiceStart?

Since the search fails on this site, I’m just gonna post this.

I just wiped my server out last night, and re-downloaded the entire thing (so, no plug-ins or anything, not even custom maps) and I get this lovely error… I’ve tried re-updating, and it says that it’s up-to-date. I can’t continue until i can access my server, can someone shed a light on a fix? Thanks in advance.

I am also getting this too. its because of the new update that garry fucked up (as usual)


Add steam_appid.txt with only 4000 inside it and done.

bringitonbitch: Thanks, but that did not work.

Remove any custom dll modules you have. Should sort it.

You must have not understood. This is a vanilla server. There is no custom anything on it.

I also get this kind of error message. I think it happend after an update, it just stopped working, and I cant seem to fix it…

This is how it looks:

I can see the server in the list when in Garrys Mod, but when I connect to it I get hl2.exe error after loading.

Update it, its fixed since long

It sais its up to date.

Got this problem before


Open Notepad
Paste this into npd:


Save as ‘steam.inf’ in …/orangebox/garrysmod/

Thanks, but no change. I already had that file with that content.
If you where writing to me…