Steam store page.

Just noticed something funny haahha is kind of suggestion for Rust.

You all didn’t changed the video in the store page buddies, it is still shows the LEGACY version and not the expermintal one xD. Just let y’all know.

haahhaahahahahahahahahhaha this was so funny

na jk but im sure they’re aware of it.

i love that video and it shows everything you can do in legacy as well as in experimental/actual rust.

We know.

All I feel is that nobody had anything to say, except for Bucksexington :slight_smile:

I’d love to see a new video combining legacy and experimental showing the progress from then to now. It’s one of the few early access games on steam that has really active development and actual progress even so far on from the original release of early access. So many devs just give up after a while and games never get improved and I’d like to see more people realising just how hard the devs are working and how far they’ve come and brought the game.