Steam Summer Sale problem..

I am trying to buy the Square Enix pack, and whenever I press “Continue” after I enter my credit card details I get this error.

“There has been an internal error initializing your transaction. Please contact support for assistance.”

And no, I’m not going to contact support because the sale ends in 2 days and they take like, a week to reply.

Your account got hacked.

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You’re wasting my time.

How ironic

Did you try restarting steam?

I’ve had that problem before. It went away after a while, I guess the servers were just overloaded. Just try it again in an hour or so.

Go to Fast Threads or some other forum honestly how is this in GD

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Let me get your credit card info and ill be happy to help you in this transaction.

>Post stuff that fits in no other section<

I didn’t see any other place where it fits. Sue me.

Try it in a different browser.

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Steam is software.
We have a hardware and software forum.
We also have Valve Games and Mods forums.

Contact steam support. They aren’t assholes in suits, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they helped you.

They take way to long to reply, the sale will be over by then. So no.

There’s a reason the forums is organized the way it is

How about stop whining about someone posting a thread? This shit gets annoying now.
Best I can give you as advice, is to make a quick PayPal account, or it might be that the credit card is expired.

But he has a reason too, he’ll get more responses in GD and more likely a helpful one then in the technical support section.

Okay I think I am going to start a thread on how much I like TF2 in the GD even though there is already a forum for that and if anyone whines I will just get you to come and say how annoying it is :downs:


There has been no helpful responses and it’s just taking up room in the GD. What you said is stupid, it’s like going to the Hospital to get your driver’s license because the DMV is busy.

You’re wasting my time and your time by posting.

Do us both a favor, and go away.

Get out. Just get out.

Nope the GD is for *general discussion * and that is what I am doing.