Steam train

For Train screenshots.

Something like this:

Pvt.Martin? Like the name of the first character in Call of Duty? (damn I’m old. :frowning: )

ANYWAYS back on topic. I think you could find some trains on though.

Theres lots of trains in ChaosLord’s SVN but I think their all modern trains.

You should PM the guy that makes Train model requests… I dont remember his name but his thread is somewhere here or in the release section, He might help you I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried. I need a MODEL! Not some retard’s adv dup. And yes it has to be a Steam Train.


ok thx

ChaosLord ¬.¬ in the thread i linked above you :stuck_out_tongue:

Woops, I was too lazy to read the entire thread xD sorry…
Rate me bad reading lol -.-’

But yeah! It is Chaoslord! :stuck_out_tongue:

Spraypaints Steam Logo on Train DONE

yep it’s’a me that’s porting stuff. I can’t do it unless it’s been done for TRS2006/TS2009. I’ll look…

Unfortunately, in order to actually have a rat’s chance of finding it, I need to know what that particular loco is. What road, number…

just a steam train

Sounds like the newest feature to Steam.

Ohh, so it doesn’t even matter what it looks like? You don’t need even close to that exact one, as long as it’s a steamer?

Mwee hee hee… >.> <.<


How does this strike yer fancy?

It does! Perfect for what I have in mind.


and yes it just has to be a steamer. CUZ STEAM RULES!