Steam Ui Doesn't work

Hi, I seems I’m having a problem with my Garrys mod. When ever I do Shift + Tab nothing happens when the steam UI Should appear however doesn’t

Now I all started when garrys mod was crashing on startup which I fixed with checking “Team Fortress 2” cache. When I start G Mod up is when the steam UI stopped working. Now I checked all my other games well 60% of them and the steam UI works perfectly on them doesn’t flicker pops up and acts how it should.

Here are some screenshots showing I have it enabled on steams side and on the game properties
As far as I know this is the only settings I need to change. If there are anymore then I’m unsure of there location.

Also I have a custom Ui in the screenshot and I’ve even uninstalled the whole thing and tried the standard steam Ui with no luck.

So nobody has come across this or has a fix or suggestion to fix it at all?

I’m all most certain this has happened to everyone the game overlay ui likes to create multiple instances of it’s self sometimes. This can cause it not to function as expected just kill the Steam game overlay ui process’s and restart Steam.

I’ve Turned my computer off since and it still happens however I’ll try this anyway just incase. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve got it working I’ve disabled mumbles overlay for the game and now the steam UI appears and works perfectly now.