Steam Undergr0und Server

Hi there, I am new to Facepunch, and I would like to share my server =D I started it just a week ago, and I am doing the best I can right now maintaining it. It is DarkRP (don’t flame or whatever for it being DarkRP =P) and I could have an extra admin or two help with gamemode addons, jobs, etc. The server is Fast DL, so everything should only take a minute not even to download. The map is RP_Amsterville, but I am willing to change maps to what you guys think is the best map that isn’t a computer killer…like EvoCity 2…

Any Lua coders welcome! I would be more then happy for some help with Lua, because I am a novice at it and can only do modifications =/

Here is my IP: OR

Try both of them, because I switch between houses sometimes (No, this is a desktop, not laptop lol)

So yea, I hope you guys enjoy my server if you wanna come.

So its not even a dedicated server? Ill pass bro.

No, it is a dedicated server =P Btw, why did you think it wasn’t dedicated?

Probably this bit: Try both of them, because I switch between houses sometimes (No, this is a desktop, not laptop lol)

I don’t get how it’s dedicated if we have to do that.

Well, I portforward both routers, and both IPs are in the server list, so it works out =P I mean, it works…sooo…yea.

And it automatically switches depending where I am, so hey, if it works, why not.

Please tell me the moving desktop isnt what you play on

Unfortunately, I have no choice =/

Probably because it has a [L] in front of the gamemode name and because you’re dumb enough to give us the wrong IP ( LMAO.

Uhh, no, it is the correct IP, and what do you mean the [L]?

The [L] shows that the server is running locally, and isn’t dedicated.
And don’t listen to faggots that have no idea what they’re doing saying “LMAO.”

Well, I know that isn’t true whatsoever because other people have been joining my server…

That doesn’t mean your server is dedicated…

*Sigh…I have a dedicated server, why are you arguing? It is not run through Gmod…and it is certainly not LAN only…

When most people say dedicated, they mean not on a computer that you own.

Or a computer that is rarely shut off, keeping the server up. And on a static IP, of course.

Well, I leave my computer on 24/7, except when I have to go between each house obviously, so according to you guys, I guess it is a sort of dedicated server =/ Well, at least it doesn’t lag =D

Whats your upload and download speed, run a

D: 26mb/s
U: 20mb/s

20mb/s on a home connection, wat

What do you mean by what exactly =S