Steam update broke the model compiler?

I was working on a model earlier today and had to restart Steam because it kept nagging me about updating it. Anyway, after I restarted, I was no longer able to get the model to compile correctly. The compiler will spit out the .dx80.vtx, .dx90.vtx, .mdl, .sw.vtx and a .vvd, but no .phy file.

I tried compiling known previously working models and they all exhibit the same problem, the compiler won’t create a .phy file. Did the syntax change or did valve break something again?

I just compiled something in GuiStudioMdl fine (though mine hasn’t been working right till now @.@)

Reeh. I spend X hours making a model only to not be able to use it in source

Another Valve update aimed to fix things for some people, while breaking it for others?

Agree 1x…

Hai Giga. Phire it my way, I’ll see what I can do.

You haven’t been on Steam in 28 days.