Steam update issues?

Anyone having steam update issues?

Steam update your server, says latest version yet when you try and direct connect your client even after doing a verify on it in Steam it still says Incompatible version?


There was a thread a while ago of Garry explaining how this works.

The experimental servers are updated for every commit they do but the experimental client that’s delivered through the standard channel in steam is not (you’d need the experimental beta subscription for that). If you update your server there’s a good chance of it being newer than the client, you need to wait for the clients to update as well or use the correct beta client.

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Ahhh Thanks Gachl,

Derp! Steam > Rust > Properties > Betas > Select Experimental Beta = win.

I keep downloading an update infinitely, any advice on how to stop it? as soon as it is finished downloading the “update” it restarts. I don’t know if its causing any harm just kinda annoying.

Probably something wrong with the file hash,
Flush Config

Make sure steam is closed
steam://flushconfig in RUN

Or web shortcut :v: