STEAM Vaildation rejected - How to stop happening.


I’m developing a gamemode using bare minimal addons. Because my Steam GMOD has so many addons and I cant be bothered to wait for the load of them every time I crash, I downloaded a cracked GMOD from tpb. (If you don’t believe I own GMOD legit through steam, then check out my steam profile).

So anyway. I have my gamemode running on a dedicated server with the -insecure flag added to its run command. But whenever I connect to it, I get the error



Is there any way I can fix this without having to go download a cracked server too?


Nobody is going to help you play on a cracked game, uninstall the addons on “your” account and do it on that. To uninstall them unsubscribe from all the addons on the workshop you are subscribed to then go to garrysmod/addons/ and delete everything with .gma at the end.