STEAM validation rejected.. wat

So I was going to join a server, and then that message popped up, and then I was ganna join another server, and that message popped up. Whenever I try to join a server, that message pops up :saddowns:


Restart Steam

You DID buy GMod, right?

If you did, also try reinstalling GMod if just restarting Steam doesn’t work.

Reinstalling wont help a shit, delete ClientRegistry.blob (in main steam folder) if restarting steam dosent work

Did you get a downloaded copy of GMOD?
Have you tried verifying GMOD?
Do what Tobba tried if all fails.


If you illegally downloaded GMOD, go away.
If you have GMOD9, go away

No shit, he bought retail. :downs:

If you checked his steam link under his avatar, that would answer some of your questions.

Before asking a question like did you buy gmod you should check his Steam profile where the game is clearly listed in his games list…

Restarting Steam should do the trick.


I forgot those things were even there. Sorry for insinuating, OP.

Thank you. You saved me a headache.

Restarting steam worked.

Mods can now lock, thank you :v: