Steam Validation Rejected

I know i made this thread but i dont WANT TO uninstall gmod and reinstall
Thier has to be some upload or a chat command or something.At first i ti thought it would happen rarely but now its pissing me off.When im traitor on tttt i just like freeze but when people talk on thier mic i can hear thier voices.If they were already talking thier Icon will be still there.If im just jumped i will be stuck in mid air and everyone i see will be frozen and thier will be no warnings like you are disconnecting.If I move it will be like moving forward and back forward anc back.And i cant see people chat.I think this will help EmitSound: volume out of bounds = 2.701764
ConVarRef sb_dontshow_maxplayer_warning doesn’t point to an existing ConVar
Connecting to…
STEAM validation rejected.When i just made like 1 million money printers or im a traitor or i just finished my base or something important that happens.

Your only choice is to reinstall Garry’s Mod, either that or deal with it.

no Thier has to be a better way

Restart Steam and go back to the server, if it did not work, you will have to reinstall Garry’s Mod