Steam validation rejected?

Yeah, i play in a server for like 10 or 30 minutes and then it just disconnects me with a “steam validation rejected” error.

Before you ask: i have garrysmod on steam (bought it) , i am not vac banned, i have a good internet connection.

A few days ago i was getting this, it was really annoying.

It went after a few hours.

Well i have been getting this for a long time now so it isn’t just a one time deal. I cant play online at all if this keeps happening.

that sux, I can look it up.

Mine says no steam logon it might have something to do with steam client not too shure tho.

Have you validated Ur steam game,
To do this , right click garrys mod then go-to properties and then scroll across to local files then press
verify game cache :), hope it works for you.

This problem has gone on for as long as I can remember, It could be down to anything, A hiccup in your connection, The VAC server’s or the server your playing on.

I have only experienced this once myself but I know it happens to load’s of people each day, although it can be a pain, just re-connect and carry on until a solution can be found, don’t give up hope ^^

Just a test. But try deleting ClientRegistry.blob in your Steam folder. It might help (Make sure steam has been closed down). It will remake a new one. Don’t worry.