Steam Virus being transfered through gmod servers?

I’ve heard that there was a lua virus being sent via gmod servers. Anyone know if this is true?

Here’s what I’ve heard:
You connect to a gmod server, it downloads some content and gives you the virus. From there the virus sends messages you to your steam friends with links and causes the virus to keep spreading.
I’ve been getting a lot of phishing links lately and I think this is the cause. One of my friends joined a gmod server and instantly after a message got sent to all his friends with a phishing link.

Tips on how to prevent this or any experiences you guys had with this?


It’s not a GMod ‘virus’ it’s just links that steals your Steam inventory and sends the link to your friends, basically don’t click on any link given to you on steam unless you know what it is.

There was other things too as well. More recently back where it actually was an exploit using RCON where it did actually load some files.

(Even though the op was PUI I’m replying for clarification)
Pretty sure you’re talking about the cough exploit from a couple months back. It’s been patched out.
The exploit Kiwi is talking about will be fixed in the next update which will hopefully be released soon.
The “virus” Starfox is talking about is not GMod specific, but is a virus that will send a link to some .scr file through steam, which when opened will send all your items to some master account. You can read more about this one on Reddit.

I read about the last exploit like 2 months ago. I’m surprised it still hasn’t been patched.