Steam won't let me sign into

Ok so yea I know you all will be saying “Oh fuck another pirate.” Well you thought wrong, I seriously think steam is having a problem with signing into I’ve been having this problem a few times, maybe because steams network is down to fix something? I don’t know, but it’s really pissing me off. I’ve been able to sign in a lot. As for sometimes I think steam likes to be a bitch. And I do know it’s not my browser I use or a virus or anything. Any one know what’s up with steam?

show us a link to your steam profile, and a proof that its really you.

Really? Lmfao. Tell me, did you ever bother to fucking read? I own Garry’s Mod legally you dumb fuck. Plus I already fixed my problem. It was just chrome fucking up. So please, don’t act all hard ass because you look like a douche bag.



It’s funny 'cause you act all hard ass, so you look like a douchebag.

Yes I so totally do.

Whether you said that or not we still want proof.

His profile is already linked. So please look next time. Also I know that he isn’t lieing because I’ve played Garry’s Mod with him.


Also why not just add him to steam and send him a message? I mean you guys wanted him to link his steam profile. So he did. And you guys still want proof so then add him and stop thinking he’s a pirate. Just add him and then you’ll get proof.

I did check earlier, pretty sure it wasn’t linked then but hey ho.


anyway what’s to say he didn’t just link to someone else’s account

Just add him and you’d get proof. What are you scared to add him? It’s not like he’s going to come to your house and butt rape you. You didn’t even add him and try to see because you’re stupid.


Also I got him to give proof on the profile. Look at his description.


Wonder if that’s got anything to do with it.

You can’t be banned from the site if your VAC banned you dumbass. And he said it was already fixed. Nor can you even get VAC banned from Garry’s Mod any ways. So your post is useless.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - PacificV2))

what is your problem

Guessing he fixed his problem, now to fix his attitude problem.

They’re obviously alts of each other.

My problem? It’s that when some one links and account it’s usually their account. And you still some what wanted proof. Well you had your proof. And this problem had been fixed already. It has been told in the 3rd post and you guys can’t read shit.


i’m new here i want to purchase gmod

i’m don’t understand english too much

anyway someone can provide me the link to purschase gmod? thanks

So you came here to ask a question that’s very simple? Do you even have steam downloaded?

** Wow.