Steam won't recognize update

I’ve never heard of this, and my friend and I can’t figure it out. I brought my laptop up to his place to play Rust, but the game is stuck in an old version so I can’t. Steam shows nothing of an update, and there is no clear way to force the game to update. When I open the game, only empty servers load and the GUI banner shows the last version, released 1/9. Any ideas? I’ve deleted local content, reinstalled, and set the update priority to high. Thanks.

Would it have anything to do with Windows 8? We’re clueless.

Update: Tried installing OSX version on a MacBook Pro, game installed to current version but when the loading screen reaches “loading gui” it hangs up. Now we’re trying to play SNES but it’ll only show in black and white… and it’s snowing.

Found this on Steam forums for another game…

Not sure if it’s exactly the same as it says resume update… Figured I’d toss the info out there though.

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, Steam does nothing to show that the game is out of date. There’s no option anywhere to update the game, and everything “looks” up-to-date until I open Rust.

is it only doing it to rust, or are other games not updating?

edit: Also, have you tried steams verifying cache? you said you deleted local content/reinstalled but never mentioned that.

I’ve reinstalled, and the only other game installed on this laptop is one I haven’t really played. I just got this for Christmas, and I hadn’t played PC games for awhile before.

Yeah, I have verified the cache a few times now. We’re both baffled.

Yea i realized you said that after, clearly didnt finish reading your post haha.

You could try reinstalling steam, but honestly i’ve never heard of this problem before

Yeah with only having a few games installed, I’m thinking about it.

Someone from the server I play on suggested copying the Rust files from my buddy’s PC into my SteamApps/common folder, but now Rust won’t run. I hope I haven’t messed up my registry at this point.

I don’t know how, but I got it working. Now my only issue is that the steam overlay won’t come up in-game.


Glad to hear you got it working (mysteriously), I assume their server was issuing updates for the game in waves - or I could be talking out of my arse.

The Steam overlay issue could be fixed by closing Steam out, locating the installation directory and then the executable. Open it’s properties, and make sure to check it to ‘Run as Admin’. Setting it on the application will ensure that it will run as administrator whenever it launches with Windows, and whenever you click any shortcut.

Also, another note - if you ever need to reinstall Steam as a whole - you can always copy your ‘steamapps’ folder from your installation directory and replace it after reinstallling Steam. Saves you some download times.