Steam Workshop & Community Maps

Now before anybody jumps to conclusions, yes I am fully aware the game isn’t close to getting a Steam Workshop added anytime soon… But I was wondering if Rust will have a workshop added in the future after the game is released for community mods.

In particular, I see when joining a server it says something like “Loading Rust_Map_2013” (going by memory on the actual name).

Does this mean that there can be different maps each server could choose from in the future? If so, would this also mean that the community might be able to design their own maps to be loaded on various servers?

I hope so, because even though the current map is huge and will have a tonne more area developed before official launch, having different style maps on different servers to choose from would certainly add to the longevity of the game overall.

It’d be nice to play the stock map, but then eventually jump into an Arctic map with few resources and harsher living conditions for more advanced players, or a jungle map to make it easy to get lost and have freak encounters with the odd player who’s also lost… or the same style as the stock one but completely different in layout.

So I haven’t seen much talk about this myself, but is any of this being planned at this stage?