Steam Workshop Dedicated Server Files

So… say I downloaded a mod from the workshop… It would then put the files in my /garrysmodds/garrysmod/addons folder… But it’s in a .gma format… How would I be able to edit the mod…?

This is the first result when I google search ‘extract gma files’. I use GmadConvGUI which someone posted in that thread.

EDIT: The final post in that thread is…

Uhh… Am I supposed to be SVNing this, or downloading it directly? Because the site won’t load, and I get an error when SVNing

I would appreciate some help here… Thanks

GMad ships with garrysmod, I think the SVN URL in that thread is out of date. It’s in the garrysmod/bin (not garrysmod/garrysmod/bin) folder.

Ah… thank you very much. Now, if I wanted to replace these files with the .gma, could I just make a folder, say “Pointshop” for my Pointshop GMA extracted files?

This is what I get when I extract the GMA, these are all located in a single “lua” file, and I’m pretty sure every addon comes in a lua folder, and I don’t want them to merge together confusingly.

^ If you did not understand this…
Can I make a new folder, named ANYTHING, and put the content of the extracted .GMA in it, and the server will still recognize what it is?

Nobody? :(. Need an answer to ^ asap please. Thanks.

So basically you want to turn point shop into the old format for addons?

Got bored of waiting for a reply so ill just post this assuming It might be the case.
Download it in zip format and in theory it should all be present and correct for you to edit.

I have downloaded the pointshop from Steam Workshop, and I used the GMA extractor to get the files… I just need to know how to add the points shop into it’s own specific folder, while removing the old .gma file.