STEAMAUTH: Failure Code 6

The above is what my clients get after every one of them disconnects randomly, it dosen’t seem to be a ddos because I can still easily access RDP and FTP with no issues whatsoever. I’m running Clockwork w/ a custom schema.

Does anybody have any ideas? I thought Steam was having issues with auth at first which has happened before but I’m not so sure.
Any help is appreciated.

Go here, get the key and add it to the command line with -authkey
For example
srcds.exe -game garrysmod -authkey abcderfgh1234567890

I have had the same error before I believe, it’s caused by Steam’s servers, not much you can do other than disable VAC on your server.

I have added the authkey, I’m now getting insane spikes of lag and then:

It seems that your game cannot authenticate with Steam and keeps disconnecting your server from players. No idea why this could be happening.

This is happening to some of my players at very random intervals.

Nice to know it’s not just me and it’s the same here really - random intervals.