SteamAuth: GameBanned?

I’ve been playing Rust on and off for about a year now, but pretty heavily here in the last few weeks. I play on an official server. However, I went to log in yesterday and was given this message “SteamAuth: gamebanned”. There was a group of hackers we were combating a few nights ago who were very verbal that they could see where we were and would headshot us. I fear that they were trying to grief me even more by reporting me. Could someone please look into this? My Steam profile is I appreciate your time and assistance.

Thank you,

You were banned for cheating. Format your computer to have no cheats. If you plan on playing Rust again,repurchase and do not cheat

EAC doesn’t ban on reports, it bans on detecting running Rust hacks.

Hopefully EAC will see this thread and chime in with a response. Note that they’ll do one of two things: confirm that the detection was valid and that the ban is for a paid/free (depending) hack, or they’ll remove the ban and explain that it was a mistake (and then they’ll go correct the issue that caused it). You won’t be given additional info such as the detection details or datestamps.

That’s all this thread needs, including from you, until EAC weighs in, really.

Gets popcorn "Look, honey. Another episode of ‘Im not a hacker!’ "