The Steam Club- Steampunk Club

The Steamclub is now V1, under work.
It has lots of costume textures and some costume models, all included in the .bsp.

Steampunk is a Victorian era modification, google it.

It’s made of two rooms’: The stage, with tables and a… stage(include backstage exit) and a bar room, with seats (See the third picture) and downstairs to the bathroom.

-Lights at bathroom and backstage are f*ckd.
-The lamp at the bar room is gone, for some reason.


~How do i make it into the yellow button?

Wow man thats really a artistic map you got there.

Quite nice. Try and get the light off the roof though

It’s beautiful.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

A bit dark, plus your screenshots seem to be in bad quality…

Is it too dark?
and the next screenshots ill take myself, not by steam

Really blocky, switch up the textures on the counter. They don’t belong.

Pretty cool map. Like the others said, it’s kind of dark.

Also to get the download icon, scroll to the bottom of the download page to see two lines of code. Copy and paste the top one.

Thank you for help and criticism.

Rolled this map onto my server yesterday. Excellent party map, keep working on it!

Good to hear :smiley:
I will be working on a similar Steampunk map, an in-air airship.
Any suggestions?

There should definitely be a rave room or something. It’s necessary to complete any party map.


This is pretty damn awsome, i see that you have left room for exspansion and sure hope you do! So far its Great!

In some places the light just comes out of the ceiling, you should add light balls over there :3
Also - Israel Gmod ftw :smiley: (Nyan cat much?)