SteamCMD add CSS Content

Hello, I want to install the Counter-Strike Source content on my server, but it don’t work
I moved the cstrike folder in /orangebox but it is the new vpk format. Is there any other way to get the content in Garrysmod?

Also having the exact same issue. It seems that the directory structure has changed since the old updater was discontinued.

Did either of you guys fix the problem because I still can’t :confused:

I can’t even update Counter-Strike Source to my Gmod Server.

I use the command

All it says is

Any reason?

Follow the instructions there.

CS:S has been updated to the new storage format and can no longer be obtained via HLDS. The reason HLDS gives you a list of valid names is because CS:S is no longer a valid name; you can only get the content through steampipe.

GMod (for the release branch - I believe the beta branch has been moved to steampipe already) is still on the old HLDS format.

Unless you already had the old format of cstrike content from an older server install, you’re going to need to wait until GMod is moved over to steampipe for the main branch and is able to mount the new format.

Oh I didn’t even notice he was using HLDS derp.