SteamCMD GUI for Garry's Mod

Updated here:

Greatest. Thing. Ever.

No doubt. No h8

I really see no point in this.

Save’s you a bit of time. It’s not really too useful, but I think a GUI looks better than a CMD.

Once you get used to the command line it’s easy. But this could be useful to people who are setting up the server for their first time.

That was the idea.

thanks !! working great !

Why bother really, the only two things I ever needed to type were:

login anonymous

app_update 4040 validate

Well, if you would have read a few posts above, you would see this is more or less for new users. They may not be comfortable using a new form of installing servers. It’s not aimed at the experts.

It’s a simply program I made for fun.

Come on guys, at least he’s got off his arse and done something rather than making a shitty thread in which he blabs on about some elborate project he’ll never complete.

Lay off him…

Actually this thing is fucking badass. Thank you I really do appreciate people like you who take time to make others lives easier. Thank you!