SteamCMD Rust

When i try to make a rust server through steamCMD it just gives me a text file and a empty folder with a random name

The text file is called: Wrong Branch

inside the text file it just says: Or is it?

You wish it was that easy :wink: You need to try harder than that to get the files.

I already some other SteamCmd servers but this one doesn’t wanna install…

The files are not readily available to the public. You either need an inside source or the beta password. A number of people have gotten access to the files now from a number of sources but you cannot just get the files from steamCMD without the password. The tutorial you are using is not valid.

It was updated at SteamCmd’s page on the 10th december and that isn’t that long ago.
Why arent the files available ti the public and then they are realeasing a tutorial on how to download it.

Because the hosting providers need instructions, too.

Why don’t they get the instructions over mail or things like that?

Because this is fucking 2013, not 1989. Why can’t it be a webpage? Are you going to explode because you know the instructions for downloading the Rust DS but you can’t?

Private web page idk, why doesn’t it get elsewhere than on a public tutorial that is just useless…

You know… this begs the question of why you’re here…

Are you here to be a forum troll and end up banned like the rest? Or are you here to provide insight which you aren’t providing whatsoever to this man?

It’s people like you who cause others who want to play this game to leave and with it, take reputation which not only hurts the community, but the devs as well. Stop being a prick for 5 minutes and help him out with a legitimate answer, or is that too hard?

Muffin: Your guess is as good as mine. I tried to download it as well but it would appear they’ve not released it to the public because of it’s alpha phase. Probably want to get some bugs rooted out and test out their server-side software before releasing it so not every player just godmodes and kills people to act 12.

Thx for the answer, and maybe we will just have to wait for it to be released (hopefully its soon)

Same question to you. Do you realize that the Rust subforum is but one small section of the Facepunch community?

Why… is this at all important? The server files are not available for public download because the devs haven’t decided to release them. Will they release them? Maybe, eventually, we don’t know.

Why does it matter that there’s a public tutorial? It’s more convenient for anyone who needs to know how to install and run the Rust dedicated server for there to be a standard webpage with instructions, instead of having to email info around, and then update that info, and all sorts of other logistic problems that don’t happen when it’s just a public webpage.

This might be true, but you sir… have been completely uninformative, rude, and absolutely absurd with your answers. The man asks questions because he isn’t informed like a lot of people are. He’s genuinely interested in obtaining server files to run a server, maybe for him and his friends instead of the vast servers with 200+ people. You’ve been disrespectful, rude, and cocky like you’re hot shit. It’s disgusting. Nothing drives people away from a community faster (and yes 1 user can make a huge difference in these communities because of rapport) than someone acting the way you do. You troll, then you’re rude as hell to him. Get over yourself and provide actual insight or get off the forums and do something else. I doubt he’s here for you to add insult to injury.

Muffin: Incase you’re wondering, there’s a thread with the leaked server files. I obtained them myself and am running my own rust server since I can play on it without desyncing, which is a very nice change.

I’m sure the Rust devs wont be happy about me obtaining these files, but honestly… until the desync bug is fixed, it’s the only way I’ll be able to play the game somewhat enjoyably.

I’m not going to link you to the leak though, seeing as it’s still in one thread (you’ll have to look through the threads to find it), and it’s already done enough damage it would seem thus far.