SteamCMD Workshop DL and resource.addfile help

I looked for other forum sections but im still not sure if this is the right section for THIS topic.

Issue #1
Anyway, the gamemode has reached a point where I need to test things on a dedicated server. Things are going fine with myself but when I had a friend try an join he said that the player models were errors. Now I have gone through some of the tutorials and have done what Garry posted on the wiki but alas the workshop content doesn’t seem to download.

Issue #2
I cant get ANYBODY to download any of the maps due to a max filesize issue. They are NOT on workshop because they are from Gamebanana and thus have not been uploaded. I have however made a “resource.AddFile” entry for the map but to no avail.

For those who need it, here is some of my server code.




srcds -autoupdate -authkey [HIDDEN] +host_workshop_collection 193357656 -console -game garrysmod +maxplayers 12 +gamemode gxm +map gxm_testing +sv_lan 0


hostname "Rens GXM server|WIP|Custom stuff|Workshop DL"
sv_contact [HIDDEN]
sv_region 1
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1
sv_kickerrornum 0

steamCMD error

Client "Renamon Toast Crunch" connected (
CreateFragmentsFromFile: 'maps/dm_cloudcity.bsp' size exceeds net_maxfilesize limit (16 MB).
Dropped Renamon Toast Crunch from server (Disconnect by user.)

The map(s) that are from Gamebana are

My workshop collection that clients SHOULD be downloading
GXM required content

  1. resources.lua should be in lua/autorun/server
  2. sv_allowdownload and sv_allowupload should be 0.
  3. You should be linking to your FastDL server using sv_downloadurl “
  4. You must use resource.AddWorkshop to make the host download workshop files. +host_workshop_collection only hosts the content on your server. resource.AddWorkshop doesn’t support collections so you’ll have to do it addon-by-addon. Lastly, resource.AddWorkshop can go in resources.lua with your AddFile entires.
  1. You do NOT put maps with resource.AddFile
  2. Add this to your server config: net_maxfilesize 64

Thankyou both. Testing soon.

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Worked, thankyou Facepunch!

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Well shit, it ALMOST worked. Everything is fine except for downloading the maps from FastDL. I set up a Dropbox (Based on a tutorial whom the person says he does that) and edited the server.cfg but the maps wont download!


hostname "Rens GXM server | WIP | Custom stuff | FastDL"
sv_contact "[HIDDEN]"
sv_region 1
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0
sv_kickerrornum 0
net_maxfilesize 64 
sv_downloadurl ""

Dropbox FastDL

Your FastDL has to be directory relative to common/garrysmood/garrysmod, meaning you’d have to make a directory with a folder called “maps” that contains all your maps.

Hey thanks, I just looked up a Dropbox tut for FastDL and got my answer.