Hello I just made own GMod 13 server by SteamCMD.
When I am joing the server with DarkRP then always I have information that my css files are not installed.
So because of this message I get really angry I started to do everything.
In mount.cfg I put addres to my cstrike folder, doesn’t work.
Then I copied cstrike to my srcds folder (wheres exe file, steam_appid.txt and garrysmod folder) but still nothing.
Then I downloaded by SteamCMD css server and I put in mount the adress from the css server, still nothing.
I was trying everything that cames to my head so please could anyone told me what should I do?
Regards Adrian.

P.S. Sorry for any spelling mistake. I’m still learning English.

Update your DarkRP.

Okey it helps, thanks alot! :smiley: