SteamID and character looks?

I remember reading that steamID will possibly be a factor when generating player looks… What happened of it? :v:

Er, SteamId does seed your avatar. If your steamId ends in 1-5 you’re black, if it ends 6-9 you have a small penis, and if it ends in 0, you’re black and have a small penis.

Mine ends in 5, and I ain’t black.

Yeah, when it ends in 5, it means you have no sense of humor.

You serious? The appearance of your character is based on steam id a long time now.

This was implemented a long time ago. It started when they introduced the skin tones. Since then, it’s gone on to include head / facial meshes, etc to make characters more unique. And it will be a determining factor in your gender once female characters make it into the game permanently.

But how does it actually affect the character? Is there any other change besides face and skin color?
I actually hoped to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger with my 11 year old account :v:

It doesn’t. It’s just cosmetic. It doesn’t make your character weaker, stronger, faster, or more agile.

Right now, it’s skin colour, head shape, facial mesh and dick size. Eventually, it will also include your gender. It’s cosmetic. Whether you look scrawny or like Schwarzenegger has zero effect on your character’s stats.

Yes, but I still wanted to look like a massive muscular gorrila just to terrify my opponents.