SteamID Changer?

Someone in my DarkRP keeps joining back after banned claiming he has a steamID changer, I don’t think its alt accounts because he has about 50 with gmod? Unrealistic.

I looked at some other posts, and I found this:

local function ConvertToCommunityID( steamid )
		local x, y, z = string.match( steamid, "STEAM_(%d+):(%d+):(%d+)" )
	if ( x and y and z ) then
		local friendid = string.format( "765%0.f", z * 2 + 61197960265728 + y )
		return friendid
		return steamid

But it was from 2009, so I can’t trust it. Can someone please help? :slight_smile:

There is no way to change your steamid without doing it serverside.
The guy is simply tricking you and using something else.

I heard from my friend that was toying with #VAC_Something in name that after he got banned with that name, admins couldn’t ban him the next time.

@Edit: That code just transforms steamid into permalink.
@Edit2: Also, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean an actually steamid change, it’s just that there are ways to make p:SteamID() return fake steamid.

Just don’t use BanID like ULX uses. A client can easily lie about their SteamID; it’s especially easy if you have RCON enabled.

Don’t use banID like ULX uses? Then how do I ban him?

If you know how, write a custom ban function that parses their SteamID upon connection instead of just their name and IP (thanks Mors).

From browsing publicly-accessible hack forums tracking down Rust kiddies claiming innocence (and using the same username to register elsewhere 3 weeks before registering on FP and first-posting about a VAC ban, lol), I encountered threads talking about running emulated Steam as a piracy thing.

I don’t know how to accomplish that and in accordance with the warez rule I don’t want to know. However, the threads discussed regenerating a new (fake) Steam ID with the emulated/ripped stuff as a way of circumventing server bans by Steam ID.

Again, not advocating piracy or cheating whatsoever, but maybe this is related?

He’s abusing Steam Family Sharing, this is a pretty common tactic among “griefers”.

I remember someone wrote a proof of concept that used ISteamUser::IsPlayingSharedGame to check if the account is playing Family Shared GMod, and kick the user if the root account (the one that shared the game) is banned from the server. If anyone could dig up that post I believe it’d help OP with his issue.

McSimp posted this for ULX to check if the owner of a shared GMod game is banned, and kicks if he is.

Just ban the IP?

I should point out steamwork bindings for this sort of stuff are coming, so soon in the PlayerAuth hook the actual game owners SteamID will be passed too. This’ll be far more reliable for admin systems then relying on the WebAPI after PlayerAuth.