SteamID Doors?

I regularly play on SN1P3’s Rp building server and one guy called Napalm has a door that opens via ranger and “E2”. I was wondering how one would do this because I looked this up on youtube and they use 7 logic gates (in Wiremod) to achieve this, so I was wondering how one could do this with E2 or an easier way with Wiremod.

p.s. Don’t ban for this post being here as its a gmod, but not technically RP.


btw heres the link for the SteamID door I found:

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I’m not too firmilliar with E2 gateing beyong simple if then else gateing, but there is an immense wiki on it. the link to the page is in the default e2 text that is in a fresh gate. Try looking arround there; E2 can do basiaclly anything though so its definately possible.
Steam ID doors are increadably usefull in my oppinion, i use to make them with a handfull of gates to trigger deathtraps or door or w/e, fun fun fun.

Pretty sure you use a target finder and a few chips. I am a admin on sn1pe, if you need any help just ask me when I’m on. (RoflWaffle)

I saw you on sn1pe and I (ooc) called out about it but supersomeguy just said only Napalm knew how to make it. Also could you ask Napalm about it because he kept ignoring my requests.

@name Door
@inputs ID
@outputs Open
if (ID == owner():steamID():toNumber()) {Open = 1, timer("close",5000)}
if (clk("close")) {Open = 0}

Use a door and a ranger outputting steamID.

I Saw you on sn1pe as well Hah. ^^^ But yeah the function is right there ^^^

ok, so I put that code in E2 text editor?


then I E2 wirelink to door and ranger?


also in “code” do I put my SteamID in the @inputs ID?

You wire ID to a rangers ‘steam ID’ output, and a door to Open.

thx, btw Benji, WTF!!!

also just then I tried whosdr’s code but it says Data TYpe Mismatch: Input gives NORMAL but OUTPUT gives STRING


So I might have to use 7 logic gates

On SteamID?

The SteamID is a string.

Same as Whosdr’s code except with a string input.

@name SteamID door
@inputs SteamID:string
@outputs Open
if (SteamID == owner():steamID()) {
    Open = 1
if (clk("close")) {
    Open = 0

This code will let you open the door for more people:

@name SteamID Door v2
@inputs SteamID:string
@outputs Open
@persist IDs:table
if (first()|duped()) {
    IDs[owner():steamID(),number] = 1
    IDs["Put a friends's steamID here!",number] = 1
    IDs["More friends!",number] = 1
    #Copy that and change the SteamID as many times as you want and the door will open for all of them.
if (~SteamID & IDs[SteamID,number] == 1) {
    Open = 1
if (clk("close")) {Open = 0}

I forgot to set input as a string. Silly me.

also whosdr, I tried to modify your code so it would work, but it ended up having errors.
E2 laughs at my n00bie improvising :’(


also Divran, whats the difference between both of your codes, the only difference (that I can see) is the addition of adding friends.


I will try Divran’s code, but this seems alot for 7 logic gates…

That is the only difference.

ok, also if RoflWaffle is listening, YOUR AS BAD AS NAPALM. silly man :frowning:
his internet ear is fail.