"SteamID Error"

Specs: Windows 7 Premium
Nvidia 7900 GS
Some single core 2.8 Ghz with hyperthreading (or w/e it’s called)

I can’t join any servers, it instantly comes up with “SteamID Error” and disconnects. Any idea how I could fix this? My steam has just been updated, and this has never happened before. I logged off and back, didn’t work. I deleted clientregistry.blob, steamUI.dll and steam.dll just for it to re-update and sign back in, but the error still happens INSTANTLY.

Any Help?

Edit - Oh, and if it matters, Friends isn’t working at all.

SECOND EDIT (READ) - It solved itself…I don’t know how or anything at all. Please close thread and/or delete it!

It’s been happening again, and for a few hours now… so I guess, bump.

did you pourposely alter your steam files for any reason? if that is not it, you may have had a bad update. Look in the gmod wiki for the answer. I believe the problem is linked to a Steam update folder that you can delete and then reinstall when you launch a new game.