SteamID Spoofer

These kids have been coming in my server and spoofing their Steam IDs to show up in status as the same as others. Any ideas on how I should be making an anti-spoofer? Would making a table with all connected Steam IDs, then checking for duplicates each time someone joins work?

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I thought steamid spoofing had been fixed…

Have you got VAC enabled?

I think your idea would be best, just to kick an ID if it’s already on the server. I think this would work…
hook.Add(“PlayerInitialSpawn”, “CheckSteamIDs”, function( ply )
–local connectingPlayer = ply:SteamID()
for _, v in ipairs ( player.GetAll() ) do
if (ply:SteamID() == v:SteamID() && ply:Nick() != v:Nick()) then
–Kick their asses, ban them, put them in a cage… Don’t kick by SteamID, kick the actual spawning player

The theory here is when they first spawn (Not when they connect, as their ID may be wrong or PENDING there), check against all the other players. If they match (Which I think it will, as they’ll be part of player.GetAll(), make sure their name isn’t the same, so they’re not finding themselves.

Not an ideal solution, just rushed this out. It’s psuedo code. Try UniqueID instead of Nick.

Are they able to change it while connected aswell? Could be a nifty feature to array the currently connected steam id’s and see every X minute(s) if they’ve changed.

I suggest using gatekeeper to kick the players and to authorize their ID’s. (Same method as Lord Ned’s but in PlayerAuth hook)

SteamID spoofing isn’t possible anymore. Make sure your server is VAC secure.

I’ve always been using [lua]for _, v in ipairs ( player.GetAll() ) do[/lua] and I completely forgot that it could be used for something like this. Thank you. I’m stupid. I’ll wait for a few more responses and ideas before I start with this, though.

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It definitely is possible. Unless someone’s delayed ban hasn’t kicked in yet. I had someone with a spoofed ID on my server today.

you could just make your server read ips instead if steam ids, or unique ids or something

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There’s no easy fix for this, because to Lua the Steam ID is the legit one. It’s simply what shows in status that is the fake SteamID.

[lua]concommand.Add(“status2” , function()
MsgN(GetHostName() … "
for k , v in ipairs(player.GetAll()) do
MsgN(v:Nick() , v:SteamID())
end )[/lua]

That should show their real SteamID, so as you can copy it.

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